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Cialis for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. Relaxes the soft walls of the penis and due to release of nitric oxide in the blood helps the blood to maximally fill the penis. And an erection becomes very effective. The penis solid in 30-60 minutes after ingestion. Cialis is a medication developed by scientists of the USA and confirmed by a public company for the licensing and admission to the American and world market by the FDA. For 2016, the TOP leaders in the effectiveness of treatment of male disease: TOP ED treatment: 1) Cialis 2) Viagra 3) Levitra rating is based on the principle of scoring efficiency, pricing policies, minimum side effects and duration of the drug. The conclusion points to win over the Cialis.

Medicine grows and improves. Recently Erectile Dysfunction was a brand for men. For hundreds of years as soon as the man was getting such a disease as erectile dysfunction, it was the mark of celibacy and the lack of satisfaction of the girl. In ancient times the man who could not commit a sexual act considered weak. That is why in our brains the feeling of weakness when a man cannot satisfy a woman. But it's not as sad as it would seem. Because the current time is the time of technology and science, people are actively studying the DNA, body structure and adopting high technology to develop new methods and means of treatment.

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    Development of the new drug started in the early 90s and in 2002 there was a meeting of urologists, which was presented to the drug Cialis, which will create in the future a new era in the treatment of erectile dysfunction. How best to take Cialis and why Cialis can be taken with alcohol. Cialis should be taken at the same time, our body has a good memory for all. As in a dream or on awakening. No wonder most athletes are in strict mode, like food and sleep. After all, it's the fact that the body has memory. And that's why it is recommended to take Cialis at the same time. If you started taking at 8 PM, preferably the following technique is also to do at 8 PM. Often happens when couples have intercourse in a romantic situation I like to drink alcohol. Ask. Can I take Cialis after drinking alcohol? Yes, Cialis is the drug that can be taken with alcohol and will have no effect on side effects or effectiveness. But it is strongly not advised by the manufacturer to use Cialis with liquor, because drinking hard alcohol such as Rum, Whiskey, Vodka, Brandy, the person can worsen the condition and sensitivity. Due to what will be more difficult to orgasm, as the sensitivity will be stupefying.